You're staring at your computer screen exhausted by how long it's taking to get this video done and then the next and you're just BURNT.



Personal Editing Batman

Personal Editing Batman is a service I created just for YOU! With this Package I’ll take the editing work off your hands for months at a time and free you up to do what you do best... coach people!

(You can select a contract ranging from 3-9 months)

Your Life While we’re working together

  • More time on your hands to connect with current and new clients

  • Free up mental bandwidth not having to become a pro editor

  • Spend more time at the pool and watching Word Party with your little one

  • Plus you'll be reaching more people by multiplying your presence online.


 If you are looking for someone who will get the job done correct and in a short time frame Ricky is your man.

- Vanessa White, CEO of Goddess Detox

$2429 / Month

Only 3 Spots left!

I've worked with TakeTwo on many occasions and it's always great! A pleasure to work with - and always happy with the product!

- Austin Hines, Video Producer


  • Save 30 odd hours furiously editing and uploading videos (Time when you could be working directly with a client.)  

  • Save $1000s on good enough editors who don’t get you at all.

  • Spend your time fielding inquiries from tons of new potential clients instead of slaving over iMovie.
  • Have peace of mind knowing that your video and message looks and sounds like you!

What Happens Next?

✓ Click the buy now button and pay via Paypal.

✓ Once you pay you receive an email with program details to schedule an appointment within 24 hours.

✓ We meet up on out first session on Skype.


What's in the Utility Belt?

With this package you get 8-12 edited videos a month/ (up to two rounds of revisions on each video)

1:1 media training session so that the footage you make looks as awesome as you are.

As much Bat Shark Repellant as Needed.

Take Two Productions has been an incredible collaborator for us! Not to mention Ricky’'s work for us has always been completed with high quality and fast turnaround times, and he’'s been super gracious with every edit we'’ve ever requested. Take Two Productions is legit awesome. I can’t recommend him enough.

Arian Augustus Senior Editor, Elisia Magazine


$2429 / Month

Only 3 Spots left!

My (not so) Secret Identity

Ricky Anderson II is the founder, CEO, and hat-wearer of Take Two Productions. With over 10 years of experience in video editing Ricky brings his expertise in creating engaging and entertaining videos to Take Two Productions.  

When he’s not making videos, which let’s be honest is very rarely, he can be found entertaining audiences with his comedy troupe Curtis Needs a Ride and binge watching Netflix.



Who this IS for:

  • You’re a coach or speaker who has been in business for over a year.

  • You have a lot of footage from previous events or conferences.
  • You’re stressed and overwhelmed by the backlog of unedited footage they have yet to release.
  • You desperately want to be saved by a handsome man in a mask.


Who this is NOT for:

  • Video first timers.

  • Someone looking for an in-person video pro to shoot their videos. 
  • New business owners who haven’t had a client yet.
  • Evil Doers

$2429 / Month

Only 3 Spots left!